The tale of TEN

The heart of Ten Sushi is built from this one character: 天 (Ten) It may not mean much to most, but to us here at Ten, it means everything. From how we start our days to how we strive to end each night, this Japanese character reminds us every day to bring each an every one of our customers a different kind of kaiten, or conveyor belt, experience. [天] translates directly to “above and beyond all others” or “something greater.” This phrase sets the tone at Ten, reminding us to keep in mind what we ought to strive for with each and every guest we encounter.



Shinichiro Takahashi

Master Sushi Chef and Owner


The Master Sushi Chef and owner of Ten Sushi, Shinichiro Takahashi, was born and raised in Aizu Wakamatsu, a small town in the Fukushima region of Japan. For 20 years, he has committed his focus and energy working in the kaiten (conveyor belt) sushi industry, five of those years being here in the USA. As a Kaiten Sushi Master, Shin was able to share his knowledge with those interested in becoming a sushi chef, helping them to perfect various techniques; many of those individuals have since then, “graduated”. In 2013, Sushi Master Shin was given the opportunity to start his very own kaiten sushi restaurant- Ten Sushi.



TEN's Challenge


Our aim is to provide high quality, large portioned sushi for the best price you’ll find in town! We have the largest and high quality nigiri slices in Seattle as well as the most interesting variations of menu items that combine white fish, crab, shellfish and even seasonal fish. Ten brings traditional Japanese sushi and combines it with an uncommon touch that adds a unique flare to both the large portioned rolls and the thick slices of nigiri. Ten features Omakase, or Chef’s Special in Japanese. If you trust us here at Ten, we would like you to take this challenge. Pick any price and we will make a combination of nigiri or sashimi suited just for you!


OPEN HOURS:11:00AM - 10:00PM

HAPPY HOUR: 2:00PM - 6:00PM

                     8:00PM - CLOSE






Finding the perfect fish to fill the “role” of our tasty sushi appetizers and entrees is not a simple task but we take pride in the achievement. Ten goes through great lengths to ensure that our quality is nothing but the finest. Not only do our fish, shipped directly to us after being caught, come from various places abroad including Japan, , New Zealand, Norway, and Scotland but also from places close to home such as Mexico, Canada, Alaska and Washington. We also offer a variety of wild caught fish, which can be found on the menu.



We purchase high quality vinegar from Uchibori Company Japan that has been producing the mildest vinegar since 1876. The vinegar is a special blend by the company just for us. And of course, we mix it with the best quality rice.



Sushi Rice

The brand that we stand behind is Nozomi, it uses super premium quality short grain rice: Koshihikari. It is carefully grown and harvested in the fertile land of the Sacrament Vally, Carifornia.



Here at Ten we make our own light organic soy sauce, made from Organic Tamari shoyu "Wheat Free" from Yamasa Co,. that is blended with Konbu (Kelp) soup. Our soy sauce allows you to enjoy the natural taste of our fish without overpowering it.



All natural Wasabi



Ten makes certain that our vegetables are organic by purchasing them through local farms



Our eggs are organic, laid by uncaged hens.


Snow Crab

Ten never uses imitation crab, ever. Our real crab is from Greenland.



Our special Kewpie Mayonnaise is bought directly from Japan.


Green Tea

"SA brand" Sugimoto Japanese green tea are world renowned for their distinctive bold flavors derived from the traditional Japanese steam processing method (Fukamushi) and from using only the highest quality premium tea-leaves.



500 Mercer st unit C-2 suite 2-B Seattle, WA 98109

(206) 453-3881


Parking: Free parking at QFC parking which is located under the same building.


Hours: 11am - 10pm Everyday